The 411: Since 2006, has become the number 1 website for teens, promoting them to appreciate their particular childhood and then make existence’s biggest choices, like when you should have intercourse, whenever they’re definitely prepared, with a revamped appearance, they can be carrying out that much better than actually ever.

When adolescents desire somewhere to attend find out about gender, maternity, connections and so on, they do not truly go to government web pages. They really want a spot of their own, and is exactly why had been formed.

For the past nine years, keep teenage has-been the go-to resource for teens, a special i’m all over this the net only for them in which they can get info that relates to the difficulties they love one particular without causing them to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Now, Stay teenage is debuting a fresh appearance and a few totally new functions, with a major focus being well quality content.

“we are really stoked up about it because we have discovered much in what all of our audience desires, so we’ve especially put an emphasis on society,” said Jessica Sheets Pika, manager of communications. “we realize teenagers want to talk about this stuff, however in a place which is safe and non-judgmental, so we made a genuine work on emphasizing allowing kids to comment on creating a place where they are able to ask lots of concerns and view solutions.”

Remain Teen’s consumers range in many years from 13 to 17, but the web site adapts their articles depending on the age amount and situation. Consistent with this theme, keep teenage will provide a lot more content that’s compiled by adolescents, including subject areas like preventing pregnancy and soon you’re prepared, developing healthier connections, handling breakups and a lot more.

“All of those problems that handle sex, connections, online dating and something under that giant umbrella is truly everything we speak about, so we attempt to consider doing it in a way that is really teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

We talked with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details as to what the new website includes, also the successful methods keep Teen continues to offer.

Putting teenagers in motorist’s seat

While Stay teenage’s most widely used post is “could i Get Pregnant If…?” new web site will take care of an even bigger variety of subjects, for instance the risks of non-safe sex, how to choose ideal version of birth-control obtainable and ways to talk about those difficulties with the doctor.

“That article provides actually found us that our target is exploring intercourse as well as their sexuality, and they are unsure precisely what the consequences are with this particular conduct,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

Although not all things are altering.

Remain Teen continues to have some good characteristics which have always been worthwhile to the audience, such as their own health Center Finder that helps adolescents locate medical professionals close by and the Method Explorer enabling teenagers to learn about different forms of birth control and which one could work perfect for them.

“We believe this is actually beneficial to teenagers because most of the time, they wouldn’t like their particular parents to learn they’re getting birth control, so they are trying to determine a place they could get which is low-cost, non-judgmental and a few destination they are able to go or bus to,” she mentioned. “our very own aim is put teens inside the driver’s seat with teaching on their own on distinct practices. All of our information is we want one take pleasure in your teen decades and hesitate sex until you’re really ready, that may mean when you’re earlier.”

Connecting the space between kids and parents

From of use services to enjoyable games to collaborative activities, like 14th Annual nationwide Day avoiding teenage Pregnancy that encourages people to consider exactly how an unplanned maternity would change their unique resides, kids and parents identical are provided with lots of reliable information compliment of Stay Teen.

“Teens tend to be studying items that they didn’t otherwise learn about, and even more significantly, they’re speaing frankly about this site the help of its buddies, with regards to men and, truth be told, along with their moms and dads,” Sheets Pika mentioned. “All of our purpose would be to have more available and truthful discussions among teens and moms and dads.”

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