In the same survey, 58% of respondents said they currently have the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week, and 35% reported they have the option to work from home five days a week. Still, looking at the apple nutrition facts, it’s clear that eating this fall superfruit offers many benefits. Notably, the vitamins and fiber in apples are packed with benefits that can do everything from boosting heart health to aiding digestion. Having to consistently stay alert while navigating traffic can contribute to stress to and from work. Ayesha, a freelance writer, discussed the impact flexibility has had on herself as well as her family structure.

Simplifying Remote Work Management with Integrated Tech – Spiceworks News and Insights

Simplifying Remote Work Management with Integrated Tech.

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The correlations of all outcome variables and predictors are shown in Table 1. A multiple regression model was performed to test the influence of the pre-described factors on the outcome variables, i.e., work ability, stress-related symptoms, and job satisfaction. The percentage of working time in the home office (Factor 1) has a negative influence on (1a) work ability and (1b) psychological and physical stress symptoms. A growing number of studies examine the health effects of WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employee utilization rate: How to calculate and improve it

This is especially true for workers who have existing caring responsibilities or disabilities, whom Hemmings says have experienced a positive change to their mental health. Therefore, it is important for employers to use additional strategies to engage remote employees in their work and health. With remote work, transgender individuals can obtain greater autonomy in whether they disclose their gender identity to coworkers, including supervisors.

When working from home, many of the factors that cause tardiness are reduced or removed. Eliminated factors include oversleeping, being stuck in traffic and waiting in a long line at the drive-through to get morning coffee. Here are some things for businesses to keep in mind as the world emerges from lockdowns and into a new working environment. Sondra is a versatile writer and editor with expertise in copywriting and reporting for a diverse set of clients and industries. She utilizes well-honed research and storytelling skills to quickly and consistently generate fresh ideas and perspectives. Sondra is recognized for her ability to locate authoritative sources, meet tight deadlines, and maintain a distinct voice while matching the tone of a given publication or brand.

Balancing Employee Autonomy and Management in the Modern Workplace

“Employees overall are now more comfortable with the idea of virtual care given the pandemic, and this will continue to be part of benefits.” To ensure employees can use their benefits, employers must know about any changes to employees’ circumstances as soon as possible. As COVID-19 vaccination rates increase and the pandemic eases, business worksites are reopening. Whether by choice or need, however, many employees are likely to continue working remotely—some may have moved to locations too far away to accommodate commuting, while others may simply prefer to keep working from home. In a physical office, employees may have more control over managing disruptions and trusting their coworkers will respect their need to focus. When working from home, however, personal disruptions—like a dog barking during an important call or a child needing immediate attention—can be harder to avoid.

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