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She is investigating the social, emphatetic and affective behavior as well as the notion of personality in artificial agents and their effects on human-agent interaction. She also works on achieving computational abstraction techniques for anonymization without losing emotional content. He began in newspapers, left the industry to work for an online learning company, and returned to the industry to work on long-term investigative work. He recently completed a major video and virtual reality project for VICE News as part of the International Reporting Program, and was a Carnegie-Knight News21 fellow in 2016. For Ralph Yarl, a simple mistake of knocking on the wrong door resulted in a traumatic and life-threatening experience, underscoring the urgent need for racial justice in America. While I process this incident and learn about the steps citizens can take to seek justice for Ralph, I am discovering that art can serve as a potent means of introspection and reflection.

deepdream animator

This process bears intuitive similarities to the influence of perceptual predictions within predictive processing accounts of perception. In predictive processing theories of visual perception, perceptual content is determined by the reciprocal exchange of (top-down) perceptual predictions and (bottom-up) perceptual predictions errors. The minimisation of perceptual prediction error, across multiple hierarchical layers, approximates a process of Bayesian inference such that perceptual content corresponds to the brain’s “best guess” of the causes of its sensory input. In this framework, hallucinations can be viewed as resulting from imbalances between top-down perceptual predictions (prior expectations or ‘beliefs’) and bottom-up sensory signals.


Kate Hennessy is a leading anthropologist studying digital technology, documentary storytelling and immersive environments. Taylor Owen has produced Emmy nominated and Peabody awarded VR journalism, and written extensively on the practice, ethics and future of VR journalism. Rather than dangers, I try to think about some significant and appropriate questions. For example, how fast do we roll out AI technologies without really having an understanding of them?

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Another Day, Another Deepdream.

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The endless, 24/7 loop sparked interest online predominantly in early 2023 when news outlets like Vice covered its creators and history. In February 2023, the AI Seinfeld Twitch steam was banned for two weeks for a transphobic joke said by AI-Jerry (Larry), inspiring more discourse and memes. Close functional and more informal structural correspondences between DCNNs and the primate visual system have been previously noted20,36. Broadly, the responses of ‘shallow’ layers of a DCNN correspond to the activity of early stages of visual processing, while the responses of ‘deep’ layers of DCNN correspond to the activity of later stages of visual processing. These findings support the idea that feedforward processing through a DCNN recapitulates at least part of the processing relevant to the formation of visual percepts in human brains. Critically, although the DCNN architecture (at least as used in this study) is purely feedforward, the application of the Deep Dream algorithm approximates, at least informally, some aspects of the top-down signalling that is central to predictive processing accounts of perception.

How Does DeepDream Work?

He asks for those that use the program to include the parameters they use in the description of their YouTube videos to help other DeepDream researchers. It would be very helpful for other deepdream researchers, if you could include the used parameters in the description of your youtube videos. DHMIS has always juggled numerous creative practices; in the past, the show has merged the likes of live action, claymation, animation and puppetry. Hugo explains that production for the Channel 4 iteration ran out of a huge studio in Canada Water, with two live-action units led by Joe and Becky, another stop-motion unit on the sidelines and then “afterwards CG and 2D happening as well”. Consider how comic book restorer José Villarrubia compares reproductions of Marvel Universe creator Jack Kirby’s drawings of the villainous giant Galactus.

deepdream animator

“To not try to expand outwards and create this gigantic South Park-style cast of recurring characters and to keep everything as insular and tiny as possible. “We realised we were going to have to actually write jokes that functioned as jokes without a prop in every single instance,” Baker explains. Artists face increasingly thorny questions about if, how, and where AI-powered work belongs in their oeuvre. Perhaps the workaround is to use AI to express human eccentricity — not mimic it.

Cartoons that feature characters or objects with human-like qualities and characteristics are known as anthropomorphic animations. This allows animators to create dynamic scenes with realistic movements, which is impossible with either technique alone. Animators can combine the best parts of both styles, such as the artistry and expressiveness of 2D animation and the physical characteristics and realism of 3D animation. Pug painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, generated by Deepart.io. A Google Deep Dream generated version of artwork by Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves.


He co-founded visual effects company Molecule VFX in 2005, “Billions”, “Gossip Girl”, “Da Five Bloods”, “The Americans” and “The Plot Against America”. After an acquisition by Crafty Apes in 2022, Luke is now the senior VFX supervisor at the NYC office. He has taught VFX and animation at SVA, and is a member of the Directors Guild of America. As he touches it, it pricks his finger and he falls into a deep dream-like state.

Its refinement, “Deep learning” is a form of machine learning that enables computers to learn from data sets and understand them in terms of a conceptual hierarchy. Deep Learning algorithms have shown capacity for creating and modifying the still image (for example, Google’s Deep Dream algorithm which introduces one image’s ”style” into another image’s content). However less work has been done in the direction of the moving image, in particular, animation. My research shows that Deep Learning networks can provide rapid generation of animated backgrounds under the supervision of human animators. Much as the addition of computer graphics tools ignited a renaissance of animation in the past twenty years, the development of Deep Learning tools may spark additional flourishing in the art form.

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