It is simple to fix; all you need to do is to turn off VRR and enable software Vsync OR keep your fps above 80 at all times with VRR enabled . The Odyssey G7 has a 4K resolution like the Odyssey G8 but tops out at a 165Hz refresh rate. And lastly, the G4 can achieve 240Hz but has a lower resolution of 1920 x instead of 4K. WePC’s mission is to be the most trusted site in tech. Our editorial content is 100% independent and we put every product we review through a rigorous testing process before telling you exactly what we think. We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

About once a day, the monitor will lose the DisplayPort input, go black for just 1-3 seconds – and immediately reconnect. We should note that the first 1440p 240Hz IPS panels are set to hit the market later this year, which is going to be a very interesting battle up against the G7’s VA. For ports, the Odyssey G7 includes two DisplayPort connectors and HDMI 2.0. There’s also a 2-port USB hub and an audio output jack. If the issue still occurs afterwards, than either the monitor is bad OR there is a bug with your GPU. HDMI bitstream hacking with your custom electronics circuit is not for the faint of heart mind you, but it currently has a higher likelihood of success than trying to hack a monitor.

Testing and Display Quality

I also thought that this could be the problem, so I disconnected the SATA drives and changed the mode to AHCI, but no luck. Including the firmware currently on the SSD and on the updater you manually downloaded. Have you tried to measure their performance as specified, rather than deliberately crippled? It doesn’t sound like you have any reason to suspect you have counterfeit drives when you already have a simpler explanation.

Using your TV remote control, look for the Settings menu, then select Support. Afterward, press Software Update, and then select Update Now. The update can fail even when using a USB flash drive that meets the above conditions, depending on the size and directory structure of other files on the drive. If the update does fail, delete other files and try again with only the update file saved in the USB flash drive. If the update still fails, format the USB flash drive to FAT32 and try again.

Connect the flash drive

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 is great for office use. The high 4k resolution and 32-inch screen are good enough to open multiple windows at once, and the text clarity is remarkable. It also has good reflection handling, and it gets bright enough to fight glare, but there are distracting changes in the brightness when you leave the local dimming feature on. Sadly, it has narrow viewing angles that make the image look washed out from the sides.

In theory you should be able to use the downloaded .iso image file as a source for Etcher (Mac/Windows/Linux) to create a bootable SSD firmware updater USB stick. I checked the contents of the .iso file and the Mac appears to have the necessary boot file for a Mac. You will need to Option Boot the Samsung USB stick and select the orange icon most likely labeled “EFI”.

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