best copper stocks for 2022

Here are the current top copper stocks, the best copper stocks to buy now, and copper companies to invest in. Some investors own the copper bullion, while others do not own copper but trade it indirectly through company shares, ETFs, futures, or options. The company is also “under immense pressure to develop a US copper project” worth 1/4 of the USA’s total copper reserves. It expects to produce 939kt of copper in 2023 and has 44.8 million tons in reserves, the highest copper reserve of any listed company. 77% of the company’s revenues are from copper, with the rest from molybdenum (10%) and a few other base metals.

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TipRanks reveals the top 10 Wall Street basic materials sector analysts.

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Furthermore, the company is growing its earnings with top-line growth of over 70% in the past two quarters. Also, the company is paying down debt with its extra cash to improve its balance sheet. Based in Canada, Turquoise Hill also owns mines in Asia and Australia.

Where is copper mined and how is it processed?

Furthermore, geopolitical factors, including trade tensions, labor strikes, and regulatory changes, can disrupt the supply chain and affect the availability of copper in the market. In addition, environmental sustainability has become a significant focus in the mining industry, including copper mining. Companies are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize water usage. The world needs more copper to support its transition to lower-carbon renewable energy.

best copper stocks for 2022

TRQ.TO should be a suitable stock to buy in 2022 because market forecasting indicates the stock may increase in value to 40.29%. The goal is to increase copper output over the next five years, so BHP is positioning itself to see large production and revenue increases. Stock market analysis reveals that BHP may rise to 24.93% in early 2022. ETFs – An ETF represents a basket of securities, similar to a mutual fund. However, investors can be trade ETFs throughout the day, and they typically represent an entire index, such as the copper market. Copper is one of the world’s most commonly traded metals, with contracts and futures available on several exchanges.


Southern Copper is currently the fifth-largest copper producer in the world. In addition, it holds the biggest copper reserves, providing it with ample opportunity to expand its copper output. China is the world’s largest producer of copper that is refined, semi-finished and fabricated for end-use products, making it a valuable contributor to the global copper value chain. China produced 11.87 million tonnes of end-use copper products in 2020, and just over 3 million tonnes of copper were recycled. This is one of the few copper miners that has managed to produce increasing gross profits for 4 consecutive years.

The price of copper should break out to new ATHs this year, powering copper-related equities significantly higher in 2022 and beyond. Meridian has been focused on resource development at Cabaçal, and released a PEA for the project on March 6. The PEA anticipates a base-case after-tax net present value of US$573 million, and calls for total production of 353 million pounds of copper and 1.02 million ounces of gold over a 22.3 year mine life.

Southern Copper Corp.

Aggressive interest rate rises by central banks, including the US Federal Reserve (Fed), to tackle 40-year-high inflation have increased concerns among traders that the global economy could be facing a hard landing. A futures contract happens when you purchase the copper on contract with a predetermined price and a specified expiration date. For instance, some junior stocks may promise big returns based on mining in an area or using a specific drill hole that’s recently yielded a lot of rich returns.

best copper stocks for 2022

Some forecasts suggested prices could rise while others expected them to fall. Algorithm-based forecasting site Wallet Investor was more positive regarding the longer-term market outlook, predicting the price could rise over the coming years. The website’s copper price forecast for 2023 estimated that the price could reach $4.162 by the end of the year, while its copper price forecast for 2025 suggested a copper price target of $4.985.

Develop Global Ltd ($DVP)

We offer expert-driven advice and resources to help you earn, save and grow your money. We did not receive compensation from any companies whose stock is mentioned in this report. No part of the writer’s compensation was, is, or will be directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views expressed in this article. The company has been strengthening its balance sheet, with cash & equivalent now at $5.1B for a total debt of $6.2B. Chris Markoch is a freelance financial copywriter who has been covering the market for over five years.

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Personal Capital Advisors Corp Increases Stake in Southern Copper ….

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This copper miner would seem to have its future covered and at the same time is guaranteeing production capacity to match increased future demand. We also like that it pays a healthy dividend of 12.38% and we can see that with all the developments on the go, it should be able to keep that dividend in the future. It’s always hard to time a market but this looks like an opportunity to make a long-term investment.

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