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The LPI Linux Essentials and ITIL® Foundation Certification are central to this program. Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification. From aerospace to music, the Skillsoft IT Skills and Salary survey found these are the top-paying industries for IT professionals.

What’s the difference between a network engineer and a network architect?

In addition to working with a diverse group of employees and departments, you’ll be able to continue learning and growing as you stretch to think outside the box. Add to that the ability to earn a fantastic salary while working with technology (something you undoubtedly love), and you’ll enter a profession that can provide a lifetime of stable, rewarding employment. They’re responsible for designing, setting up, and managing computer networks within a company.

This certification is especially significant for network engineers due to the overall popularity of AWS in enterprise settings. The CompTIA Server+ certification exam covers both the administration and support of computer servers as a whole. But in addition to this, the certification also looks at a server’s basic hardware and storage systems. The Server+ certification exam also covers virtualization, operating systems, and other issues related to software running on network servers.

How to Become a Linux Engineer

The following table shows the titles of the courses in the Network Engineer course in the order they are provided, and the hours of instruction allotted to each course. If there is no proof of English proficiency or lower English proficiency level, students will have to take an English course at Focus College. Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or closely related field and a minimum of 5 years of experience in Linux/UNIX Systems Administration. As an HPC Linux Systems Engineer you will work in the Infrastructure team within the HPC Infrastructure and Networking group to support all activities of our supercomputer center.

Everybody is stuck with the same question before opting for a career in networking, Is networking a good career? In the times we live in, everyone is hooked to a network – exploring, sharing, communicating, storing, and doing whatnot with information and data. Behind all this, there is network engineering and network engineers who work to improve users’ linux network engineer experience. With more leadership experience (and potentially a nice, shiny master’s degree), network engineers might also pursue management roles in the IT field. Now that you know how to start a career in network engineering, want to learn more about CyberTex? The coursework will prepare you for the many certifications that are offered in the IT field.

How to Hire a Linux Engineer

Debian is a widely-renowned Linux distribution known for being incredibly stable and high-performance. Pursuing a career as a Network Engineer through a Registered Apprenticeship has numerous clear advantages over the other more costly and more time-consuming pathways. If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to learn about TLG Learning and Apprenti’s Apprenticeship program. The backbone of every organization is information and success depends in large part on the organization’s ability to collect, use, and distribute that information–files, programs, and all manner of digital data.

These networks can include an organization’s phones, computers, routers, intranet, and extranet. It’s the job of a network engineer or network administrator to plan, implement, and manage these business-critical systems—which is why it’s such a valued, well-paying role. You might also decide to branch into network support with the goal of becoming a lead network controller. In addition to overseeing technical support-related decisions, your duties as a network controller will include staff management and network strategy.

If you have a lot of experience and a wide client list, you could make the shift into self-employment either setting up our own network company or work on a contract basis with different companies. Ultimately, the best decision is one that balances your technical skills, qualifications and interests as an engineer. However, the best approach is to complete a degree in programs that cover networking. Good options include computer systems management, electrical engineering, physics or computer science. Beyond the benefits of early exposure, college programs offer an invaluable balance of theoretical and practical coursework.

how to become a linux network engineer

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