Explore sales development representative jobs, salaries, and career possibilities. When you’re an active listener, you’ll be engaged with the prospect/lead and get the pivotal pieces of information you need before you send them further down the sales pipeline. Maintain a good team structure and SDR training process to achieve repeatable results. Develop a great plan to make sure every SDR starts and trains the same. Read more about the SDR best practices in order to keep them focused and motivated to achieve sales goals.

We’ll also give you a script that we know works (because we’ve tested it many times), as well as a checklist of criteria to make sure prospects qualify. Many companies like Salesforce, Dropbox, or Hubspot have managed strong growth thanks to this division of sales roles. Research different buyers, market trends, and the competitive landscape.


From the first day in the office, every new sales development rep is mentored by a senior SDR who knows the ropes and understands the pressure. SDRs face a lot of rejection in outbound sales, which is the hardest part of the job. SDRs need strong mental resilience to overcome sales objections and frustrations of not being able to connect with the people they need to. Sales development representatives can quickly decide whether to move them through the sales funnel, but unlike sales execs, SDRs don’t close deals.

This doesn’t happen overnight, and the learning process doesn’t end. It’s hard to answer questions about something you don’t understand. It’s even harder to sell that thing if you can’t explain the benefits or the features.

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According to Glassdoor, sales development representatives in the US make, on average, $74,323. This includes the average base salary and additional pay such as cash bonuses, commissions, and profit sharing. With 15 or more years of experience in a sales development rep role, you may be able to make $97,839, the average in the US for people at this level [1]. Utilizing CRM software and tracking sales performance are crucial for effective sales process management. You are responsible for managing the sales process from start to finish. This includes qualifying leads, conducting needs assessments, providing product knowledge, addressing customer concerns, and closing deals.

what is a sales development representative

But here are some top tips from Cognism AEs for SDR career progression. Product knowledge means SDRs know that their solution is right for the prospect. Cognism gives you access to a global database and a wealth of data points with numbers that result in a live conversation. To hit SDR targets, you need to be able to keep up with everything that is happening in your industry and your product, study your persona and your competitors. Katy’s best advice to manage SDR’s day is to break it into 90-minute segments.

What skills are important for a sales representative in a small business?

As a result, sales teams don’t waste their time on leads that are no good customer fit and only outreach to leads that are likely to convert into sales. Every member of the sales team, including SDR, should be a good listener and identify customers’ key needs and pain points. The sales development rep is responsible to qualify as many leads as possible. Therefore, it is important to understand what the potential client needs and fulfill their requirements with the business products or services.

what is a sales development representative

Working in sales development has evolved massively in the last decade or two. Sales reps used to start on a traditional sales floor, picking up phones and talking to prospective clients. SDRs should know the products and services they sell inside and out while clearly understanding their buyer personas and the common challenges prospects face. Maintaining an organized process will help you master the https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/sales-development-representative/ cadence for outreach and have thoughtful and helpful interactions with prospects. You could write out a to-do list to clearly see your tasks for the day and plan for upcoming ones, or use a calendar management tool to create a schedule and keep track of key dates in your process. The answers to these questions would have been crucial to understanding how to solve a major pain point for the prospect.

Sales Representative Job Description Template 3:

💡Read this article to learn the seven tips you need to be a successful sales rep. A great way to become an effective relationship builder is to build rapport with prospects. It’s easy to build rapport with prospects if you’ve done your research into who they are and what their business does because you can have conversations centered entirely around them and their needs. If you find common ground during your research, you can easily break the ice with casual conversation about your shared interests. Effective SDRs are able to build genuine relationships with prospects and build trust and prime them for sale before turning them over to your account manager for close.

what is a sales development representative

This is a way of listening and responding to the prospect that improves mutual understanding. A $50M company shared some interesting data that suggested 40% of SDRs who were promoted to AEs failed, and their contracts were terminated. During the interview, you should look out for their tonality and confidence when speaking. You may ask questions that aren’t typical sales interview questions. As an SDR, you need to remember you’re interrupting somebody’s day.

Where do SDRs fit in the sales organization structure?

You need a good communicator with good admin, and time management skills. Many passionate sales development reps who enter the industry quickly progress in their careers to account executives and managerial roles. But a sales development representative’s career path isn’t always straightforward as some may think. A sales development representative (SDR) is a sales rep whose job is to find pipeline through sales prospecting. Their main job is to connect with prospects on a one-to-one basis, e.g., through cold calling or via LinkedIn messaging.

For instance, in LeadSquared, SDRs contribute to the sales process through prospecting, gathering information like buyers’ domains and needs, analyzing product-market fit, setting up demos, etc. If you are looking for professional CRM support for your company, get in touch with our specialist today. Discover the OMI services and find the one that best suits your business needs.

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